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  • Were you charged with driving under the influence after a night out with friends? 
  • Have you been accused of committing murder? 
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If you’re facing a felony or misdemeanor charged in Alabama, count on Downs And Associates, LLC for help. 

We can manage any misdemeanor or felony case from minor traffic violations to major charges. 

After you call Kirkpatrick Law Office, PLLC, our attorney will analyze your case, from the moment you were stopped by law enforcement until you contacted our office, to start building a defense. We’ll look at whether or not your arrest was valid and other mitigating factors.

  • DRUG CRIMES: Our experience tells us that most of the ones who have been accused of Alabama State drug crimes are simply suffering from an addiction and require counseling, not jail time. Irrespective of the charge against you; be it drug possession or trafficking, we will ensure that our Alabama criminal attorneys put a solid defense so that you are acquitted of all the charges.
  • FEDERAL CRIMES: If you have been accused of a crime that violates federal law, then you need an attorney with experience as facing a federal prosecutor is quite serious. At Downs And Associates, LLC, you will find Alabama criminal lawyers who stick by you till the end to ensure your freedom.
  • WHITE COLLAR CRIMES: This is one of our core areas of specialization and our attorneys can help you exonerate yourself of any charge be it: fraud, embezzlement, securities, violation, and tax evasion. Trust us to deliver!
  • SEX CRIMES: It would be a very unfortunate circumstance if you are accused of this kind of crime and the stigma lasts even after you have served your jail time. So don’t let the inevitable happen to you; come seek our help before it’s too late.

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