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Are You Entitled to Social Security Disability Benefits?

If you live in Alabama, and you've been disabled, it's important to apply for Social Security benefits as soon as possible because the claims process can take a long time. A lawyer can help guide you through each step so that you avoid errors that might weaken your chances of approval. At  Downs & Associates, LLC, we advise clients on various aspects of the current Social Security law.

social security disability attorney Alabama Woodstock, McCalla, Lakeview, Vance

You’ll soon realize that more than one program is available. You can apply for either Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income. We can determine from the outset which one you should choose.

Starting Your Application

Let us handle all the paperwork. We'll compile the necessary medical records and we'll develop a claim that's based squarely on the facts. If the first application is rejected, our firm can try for an appeal.

Serving the entire state of Alabama, we nevertheless aim to give each client personal service and local representation. Contact Downs & Associates, LLC today for more information about Social Security law. Call today at 205-938-2024 to schedule a consultation.